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"Their collective experience as chaplain and teacher shapes the approach they take to reach students, either Christian or non-Christian who have questions and concerns about the relationship between science and faith. This can be an excellent way to start a discussion among high school students – especially skeptical high school students."

"Their contribution to the conversation is truly a gift, and because I have met them personally, I testify to their attitudes and demeanor as warranting the utmost respect. Their winsomeness will bring a refreshingly safe environment for those who are truly struggling with these issues and all the implications therein."

"This is an incredibly beautiful video, visually and in its message. The comparison of the scientific and Biblical accounts rings with the truth, the narrators know their topics so thoroughly and speak with reverence, knowledge and training, and the amazing beauty of the islands all speak so perfectly to the glory of God. Thank you for creating such a moving and love-filled video."

Evelyn Hein

"Diane and Josh are great educators with a heart for the students they interact with. I enjoyed meeting them and talking with them last year and this and seeing the results of their efforts."