Two new videos are now available on our website!

Episode 5 and 6 are now available for view or download.

Episode 5: How Our Creator Shapes Us – This film is about how God may have worked in concert with the process of evolution to shape us over millions of years.  Perhaps there was a point in human history where God revealed himself to mankind.  This is the point where we were created in God’s image.

Episode 6: Image of God – This film is about how God has placed in us the desire and ability to create and care for creation.  This very human characteristic is one of the key differences between humans and other living things.

We hope you enjoy the films.  Please share them with churches you think might appreciate them.  These films, along with all the films in the  Author of Life series are meant to catalyze discussion about faith and science with teens under the guidance of their youth group leaders or pastors.