Author of Life now has a YouTube channel

If you have had difficulty loading one of our films due to a slow internet connection, you will enjoy viewing our films via  Author of Life YouTube.  We still suggest downloading our films via our vimeo site before using with students to prevent slow playback or stalling of the film.  Enjoy and please let us know how you are using our films.


In The Creation Story,  we hope creates as sense of awe and wonder in the hearts of the viewers.  It shows us that although the Genesis story is not meant to tell us how God created the universe, it does indeed communicate truth about our Creator.  This poetic comparison is set in one of the most beautiful locations on the islands, Waikane Congregational Church, which is one of the oldest churches in Oahu. I would like to thank the following for making this film possible. Kamden Hillard and Hannah Matsunaga whose amazing performances powerfully portray the beauty of creation’s birth. Dr. Paul Price, Princeton University for helping me with the astronomy of the scientific narrative Dr. Karl Giberson  and Francis Collins whose book,  The Language of Science and Faith, inspired this script Jim Denny, whose videography of the meteor shower from his corner of Kauai was breathtaking And of course my team, David Kusumoto, Kelsey Matsu and Joshua Hayashi May students be blessed by and grow closer to our Creator when watching this film.  Diane Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 8.24.00 AM